Reston holds huge cow sale

The biggest on-farm herd dispersal in Scotland since 2007 will take place next month when Jimmy and Fiona Hodge sell more than 500 cows in Berwickshire.

The couple will be dispersing with 550 Holsteins over two days at Lemington Farm in Reston.

For the last 10 years the herd has maintained a breeding policy where major emphasis has been placed on longevity, fertility and functionality rather than simply following fashion when it comes to sire selection.

“We’ve followed the best cows in the herd with the aim of consolidating their traits - traits that are most important to commercial milk producers. So as well as yield we’ve focussed on fertility, cow health and wearability,” said Mr Hodge.“There’s no doubt that our approach to breeding has produced us more robust and functional cows.”

The dispersal sale on November 14 and 15, will involve the sale 290 cows and heifers, 60 heifer calves and 200 in-calf and maiden heifers.