Reston and Auchencrow Community Council

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Police report

IN the absence of P.C. Nash, a written report was presented advising members that there had been three calls for service in the last month but no crimes.

Thefts of diesel, copper and other metals remained a problem. Everyone was also asked to check over vehicles now in readiness for the cold weather ahead.

The ‘No Cold Calling’ sign at Lemington has now been re-positioned.

Playing fields

CHAIR Logan Inglis advised the meeting about the provision of new goal nets at the playing fields and that a volunteer had agreed to re-paint the goal posts. Work was still outstanding on the benches there.


COUNCILLOR Cook reported on the current plans for the new quarterly Area Committee forums while Councillor Fullarton outlined how the problems at the Beach Café in Coldingham had been resolved and confirmed that the grass on the Houndwood path had now been cut.


NOTHING new had arisen in respect of the sites at Blackmains and Monashee but a planning application was expected shortly for Hornburn although not before the liaison meeting later in the week.

The developers of the Drone Hill site have now approved substantial community benefit payments to organisations within the four community council areas adjacent to its site and the planning application for the Penmanshiel project was now going to appeal even though consultations with SBC had not been completed.

A1 junction

WHITE lining near the A1 junction was now on BEAR’s action list but the meeting also decided to re-activate its request for the speed camera to be moved closer to the junction and to investigate how things had been left the last time this issue was raised.

Village Hall

BETTY Drumm reported that there were several additional bookings for the Hall and that most of the existing ones were continuing.


BARRIE Forrest thanked everyone for their contribution to the excellent meeting with MVA consultants last month and explained that their report was expected within about six months.


AS a result of several concerns about the dangerous state of the Auction Mart building, it was agreed to approach SBC to see how its Listed Building status could be revised and the demolition of the structure considered.


COUNCILLOR Fullarton would seek to help with parking problems at the northern end of Reston.

Next meeting

The next Community Council meeting will be on Monday, November 19 at 7pm in the Village Hall.