Relocation plan for Duns Primary falls behind schedule

Duns Primary School
Duns Primary School
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The relocation of Duns Primary School has fallen behind schedule but the council are confident that by next year it will be back on track.

Scottish Borders Council had set aside £489,000 from its capital budget towards the scheme during this financial year.

The primary school is being re-housed in the old high school building which will be refurbished to suit the needs of the primary school.

The Jim Clark Memorial Room is also set to be moved there from its current location in Newtown Street.

However, at this week’s SBC executive meeting councillors were told that work on the costings of the project will not be completed until December, and that of the £489,000 allocated in this years budget only £140,000 of it is likely to be needed.

The remaining £349,000 will be added to next year’s budget for the project when the ground work is due to start – bringing the 2014-15 figure up to £3.37 million, and the 2015-16 figure £2.75 million.

An SBC spokesperson said: “Cost plans for capital projects are updated regularly during the design development and this next update is scheduled for December 2013.

“Design work originally envisaged for 2013/14 has now been re-scheduled for the next financial year and has resulted in the request to re-phase spending.

“However, the project remains on schedule to commence on-site in autumn 2014 as planned.”

In 2009 SBC were given £3 million from the Scottish Government’s new building programme towards the 
£6 million cost of moving Duns Primary School to the old Berwickshire High School site. The remainder of the funding coming from the council’s own capital budget.