Registering your own vote online

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Registering to vote is about to change and individuals will in future be responsible for registering themselves.

Under IER (individual electoral registration) each adult eligible to vote is now responsible for registering themselves instead of one person in a household supplying the details of all the people living at that address.

Electoral Registration Officer for the Scottish Borders Mark Dickson is writing to households from Monday, October 27 to explain the new system and let them know if they need to take action.

He said: “Although the majority of residents will automatically move to the new electoral register, some will need to take action to join or remain on it.

“The current register has been checked against government records and anyone whose details do not match will have to re-register. This may include residents who have changed their name or moved home recently.”

Individual Electoral Registration (IER) has replaced Household Electoral Registration which should make it more secure and for the first time people will be able to register online. This service is now available at

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