Refuse collections back to normal

Scottish Borders Council is asking residents to follow normal arrangements for refuse collections from this week as the winter weather eases.

The council made special arrangements during the winter weather period and the extra efforts and dedication by staff enabled them to reach as much waste as possible. This included making extra trips to reach bins not collected on their designated days and lifting any extra side waste that was left outwith the grey-lidded wheeled bins.

With services now back to running as normal, all refuse must be contained within the grey-lidded wheeled bins and left out by 7am on the morning of the designated collection day. No extra side waste will be uplifted.

Residents are also being reminded that any recycling waste which is too large to fit in the blue-lidded bin should be placed in clear bags or boxes next to the wheeled bins – and not in black bags.

Councillor Len Wyse, Executive Member for Environmental Services, commented: “It has been a challenging time over the last few weeks and we would like to thank staff for the extra effort they made to ensure as much waste as possible was collected, and thank residents for their assistance and patience during this time.

“However, it is now time for our service to return to normal and we would like to ask communities to acknowledge the system that is in place and follow the advice provided to ensure we can operate our service as normal.”

For further information please call our Customer Service staff on 0300 100 1800 or email