Refuse changes ruled out

CONCERN has been raised that weekly bin collections in East Lothian might cease.

Councillor Stuart Currie (SNP) said the issue was raised at a recent meeting of the audit and governance committee.

He said: “I was concerned to hear that the future of a weekly bin collection was under active consideration by the council. My view is that local residents would be dismayed at any suggestion that this service could be cut and certainly it didn’t feature in the manifesto of Labour or the Conservatives at the recent elections. I hope that the administration will now make clear that the weekly bin collection is here to stay.”

Council leader Willie Innes (Labour) (pictured) said everything was looked at in budget discussions as savings had to be found because the former SNP ruling group had failed to reduce expenditure.

But he added that there was “no particular appetite” to remove weekly bin collections, stressing that there were “no thoughts” at the moment to move to a fortnightly service.

A council spokesman said: “The Scottish Government’s legislation and policy relating to the Zero Waste Strategy directs the council to shape its domestic and trade waste collection systems to achieve higher recycling figures and reducing the amount of waste produced.

“One of the immediate drivers is a requirement to provide a dedicated food waste collection service. To expedite this and look at other issues, an options document is being prepared on waste management strategy, addressing such issues as the types of materials collected.”