Referendum: Questions are still unanswered

Berwick has a long and strong connection with Scotland
Berwick has a long and strong connection with Scotland
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Berwick residents do not have a vote, so we need to await the outcome of the referendum.

One their main thoughts is if Scotland has a different currency, how will it operate in Berwick as some residents work just over the border, so may be paid in a different currency?

Shops, businesses and residents may have to pay exchange rates on a regular basis, which could be costly, especially when we live in an area that has the second-lowest wage in the country. We also have Scottish residents working in Berwick.

Another question is will there be border crossings and, if so, will there be a need for passports to be carried with people on a daily basis?

Many of our businesses trade cross-border and have never seen a problem.

People in Berwick and the Borders work together, as we do not see a physical border and we would like to continue joint working.

What will be the outcome for health services? Borders General Hospital is often easier to access than Wansbeck as it is only 40 miles from Berwick, compared with 50 miles.

Will our football team be able to play in the Scottish league? problems?

Some residents in Berwick claim they are neither Scottish or English – they are Berwickers.

The Berwick people are just getting on with their daily business and awaiting the outcome of the independence vote – and then we will see how we are to be affected. Will there be any changes, or will it be business as usual?

Berwick always accepts change as it arrives and works around about it.

We are open to business and welcome all tourists visiting our beautiful town. We are close to the sea, we have historic buildings, lovely walks for all abilities and the rural countryside is just on the outskirts.