Rebecca is honoured as a Diamond Leader

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A Whitsome woman has been recognised for her efforts as a Weight Watchers instructor with the award of a prestigious prize.

Rebecca Mills is proving herself to be a guiding light for slimmers in the Borders, and many gain confidence hearing she started out as one of them.

“I started my own Weight Watchers meetings in 2012 after getting to goal myself with the Weight Watchers programme,” she said.

“I started out with a group in Duns, and then in the next couple of years I branched out until I was running meeting groups in Kelso, Dunbar and Berwick as well. So that means that I have been a Leader now for three years. It does keep me pretty busy!”

And all her hard work was rewarded this week when she was named as a Diamond Leader.

“This week, I was really honoured to receive a prestigious award from Weight Watchers called the Diamond Leader Award,” Rebecca explained. Only 117 Weight Watchers Leaders out of the whole of the UK have been awarded it in 2014, so it is really exciting news.”

The Diamond Leader Award is only given out every two years. It celebrates leaders who have provided exceptional support to their members on their weight loss journeys.

“It’s great for me but it’s also amazing for my members,” said Rebecca.

“It means that the meetings that I hold in Dunbar, Berwick, Duns and Kelso are among some of the best in the UK with fantastically successful members.” She went on: “My area manager came out to present the award to me in my Duns meeting on Wednesday this week.

“She had phoned ahead to let me know that I had been awarded it, and to let me know she would be handing it over, but nobody had told my members. So it was great for them to see what can be achieved.”

Area Manager Linda Thomson said: “Rebecca, who is one of only nine leaders in Scotland to receive Diamond leader status. She is a leader who goes above and beyond.”

The work shows no sign of letting up for Rebecca, who has recently launched her Christmas challenge.

This challenge, with a loose aim of losing 7lb before the festive season, was inspired by a member of Rebecca’s Dunbar group.

When asked how they wanted to feel at Christmas, the answer came back, not ‘slimmer’ or ‘thinner’ but “sparkly”. For more information email