Reasons why Scotland can be wealthy independent nation

SIR, - When I am asked why I support independence for Scotland there are so many reasons that sometimes I don’t know where to begin and make a hash of any explanation. May I try now please?

Firstly, Scotland IS a separate nation; it is not just another county or even a region of England. It is supposed to be an equal partner in the United Kingdoms but has never been treated as such. It is a land with enormous natural resources, particularly in the generation of energy.

As well as some of the finest scenic geography in the world it has some of the most productive agricultural land.

Even more important is the fact that the Scottish people generally share a culture which is quite distinct from England’s, especially people in the south of that country. It is a culture which reflects a society that is more equable, tolerant and caring. It is no coincidence that the people providing aid to some of the world’s most impoverished populations are often Scots.

These characteristic are reflected in the politics of Scots which are distinctly left of centre. This is why the Conservatives will never hold power at Holyrood until they can create a uniquely Scottish party in an independent nation.

Unionists will tell you that Scotland is too small to go it alone but bearing in mind the above that is absolute balderdash. Try telling Norwegians or New Zealanders that their countries are too small to survive and you will be ridiculed, yet their populations and assets are no greater than Scotland’s.

History has shown that the Scots are an educated, inventive people, well able to run their own affairs and decide their own destiny. Scots have become pre-eminent in every field of the arts, sciences and engineering. Too often in the past successful enterprises in Scotland have been shut down by forces outside the country to protect ventures elsewhere, and Scots have been impotent to prevent closure. It is also a scandal that so many of our bright young people have to leave Scotland to find work.

Even some Scottish born and bred people, whom you would expect to be fiercely proud, are frightened by the fictitious scare stories put about by Unionist politicians. None of their claims is true. The above are but a few of the reasons why I know Scotland can be a successful and wealthy independent nation. But I can give you many more!


Whitsome Crofts,