RDA trio put their running shoes on

She’s put her fair share of youngsters through their paces with the Berwickshire RDA but now Anthea Drysdale will have to pick up the pace herself as she gets ready to do the Great North Run.

Along with tens of thousands of others Anthea has signed up to mark the 30th birthday of the famous half marathon from Newcastle to South Shields in September.

And what is making the event even more special is that two of her young vaulters and volunteers Christopher Lyons from Coldstream and Jamie Bromley from Eyemouth will be taking to to the start line with her.

“They’re both 18 now so able to do it,” Andrea explained.

“I was absolutely thrilled when they asked if they could join me. It will be so much nicer to have some company.”

Like everyone else, there was no guarantee that the determined trio would get lucky in the ballot and bag themselves an automatic place and although Jamie did unfortunately it was bad news for Anthea and Christopher.

However, adamant they wanted to be there with Jamie on the day the pair looked at other ways of signing up and now have their places.

Anthea is running for Save The Children while Christopher is running for a charity which helps disabled children get involved with sport.

The pair both have a set fundraising target they have to reach and any extra money will go straight to the RDA.

Having got a place outright, Jamie is fundraising entirely for the local organisation.

And although it’s not quite 13 miles Jamie will be able to get some practice in next week when he takes on his role as a Commonwealth Games baton bearer.

Anthea said although she’d started her training she realised she had a long road ahead of her and would need to step up the miles.

“I’d say I was pretty fit anyway; I play a lot of tennis and obviously there’s the vaulting as well but I know there’s lots of training to be done between now and September.”

The trio have now set up a justgiving page and are calling themselves the Cajjers- one because the first three letters are their first initials and two because they are trying to ‘caj’ money off people.

Visit www.justgiving.com/TheCajjers.