RBS set to close Earlston and Ayton local branches

The Royal Bank of Scotland yesterday declared its intention to close two of its Borders branches later this year.

The Ayton branch will close on October 22, while six days later, the Earlston branch will close.

The statement from RBS said: “We are working hard to ensure there are a number of alternative ways for people in the area to continue to bank with us.”

An agreement has been reached with both local Post Offices so that RBS customers can check their balance, deposit and withdraw funds, and business customers can get coinage.

There are also free-to-use ATMs close to both branches.

RBS is introducing a mobile branch service to both communities and it says it will be “engaging with our customers and the local community to understand the best day and time for the mobile branch to visit.”

The nearest branch to Ayton is Eyemouth, 2.7 miles away.

The statement said: “The number of transactions taking place at Ayton branch has dropped by 29% since 2011 and only 27 customers use the branch on a regular weekly basis. 12 of these customers already use other branches in the area.”

Earlston’s nearest branch, Melrose, is 5.2 miles away.

RBS says transactions at Earlston dropped by 20% since 2011 and 53 customers use the branch on a regular weekly basis, 30 of whom use other branches in the area.

All customers who use the branches will receive letters notifying them of the closures and posters will be displayed in the branches.

The statement went on: “Our customers are increasingly using alternative ways to bank with them such as online and mobile banking.

“As a result, branch transactions have declined by around 36% since 2010 whilst online and mobile transactions have grown by more than 300%.”

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