‘Railway Man’ on track for January release


The Maltings will celebrate the release of ‘The Railway Man’ with a week’s worth of screenings of the film inspired by the harrowing experiences of a Berwick man.

Production on the film began in 2012 and Colin Firth, who plays the late Eric Lomax and Nicole Kidman, taking on the role of his wife Patti, arrived in Berwick last May to shoot scenes.

Well it’s now ready for release in the new year, with the first showing at The Maltings on Friday, January 3.

The film, which prompted both tears and a standing ovation when it debuted at the Toronto Film Festival in September, is based on Lomax’s biography which documents his time as a Japanese prisoner of war during World War Two.

At the time Lomax was an officer with the British army and both the book and film look at his life before and after his ordeal and his poignant meeting with one of his captors decades later.

Patti, who still lives in Berwick, said she was pleased that residents, whether they knew her husband personally or just knew of his story, would be among the first in the UK to see the film he inspired.

She commented: “My family and I are thrilled the film is finally complete and that people in Berwick – both those who knew Eric and those who did not – will have an opportunity to see it.

“The film is not just about us, the story belongs to everybody in this area who had a relative caught on the Burma/Siam Railway and never really knew what they had experienced.”

And, Tamiko Mackie, Marketing & Communications Manager and Cinema & Digital Content Programme Manager for The Maltings said the theatre was launching its January film programming earlier than usual in order for Berwick audiences to see ‘The Railway Man’ as soon as it becomes available.

She commented: “Due to its very special local connection as well as the calibre of the cast, we have keeping close tabs on this film for a very long time.

“The venue is re-opening earlier than usual in the New Year especially to screen The Railway Man’ when it is released in cinemas across the UK.

“We are also working closely with the film’s producer and Patti Lomax to prepare an exhibition in the Granary Gallery about Eric Lomax and the making of the film, with details to be announced next month.”

For tickets to any of ‘The Railway Man’ screenings visit www.maltingsberwick.co.uk.