Rag Bag Morris to mark May Day with dawn dance

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In keeping with their annual tradition, Allanton-based dance group Rag Bag Morris danced at dawn today to celebrate May Day.

Members had their alarm clocks ready for an early start and while most of us were still tucked up in bed, they danced at Lindisfarne at 5.30am.

The May 1 al fresco dance has become the big date in the diary of the group who have been going for 21 years now.

“It’s quite staggering to think we’ve been going that long,” original member Charlie Poulsen commented.

“When it comes to choosing a venue for our May Day dance we like to have one that has some significance and Lindisfarne certainly does.

“And with it being right a t sea level we should have the sun right in front of us as it comes out of the horizon.”

Rag Bag Morris have a busy summer schedule which will see them perform outside at venues on both sides of the border, including The Pilot Inn, Berwick, Chirnside Community Centre, The White Swan, Lowick, The Victoria, Norham and The Collingwood Arms in Cornhill.

Their next port of call is the Allanton Inn on Tuesday and Charlie said new members are always welcome.

“Most of us are getting older now; I was 40 when we first started.

“It’s always nice to have new people come along, both dancers and musicians.”