Query over Crossrig Farm buildings

the erection of two very large cattle sheds at Crossrig Farm near Hutton is being investigated by council planners who confirmed this week that no planning permission or building warrant have been granted.

A planning application for the building of two cattle sheds had been submitted to Scottish Borders Council but according to the council the application was withdrawn in February this year.

“The application was invalid on receipt due to an insufficient fee being lodged and was formally withdrawn on Febrary 17, 2011,” said a council spokesman.

A member of the public recently contacted the Berwickshire News with concerns about the size of the sheds and rumours that they were to house hundres of cattle.

A large sclae cattle operation down in Lincolnshire has been the subject of much opposition and media attention amid claims of battery milking.

The size of the intended operation at Crossrig is unclear but after being alerted to the fact that building was still going ahead despite the planning application being withdrawn, planning officers made a site visit this week.

Following that visit the council issued the following statement: “We can confirm that from a site inspection earlier today (Tuesday), the shed(s) under construction at Crossrig Farm are being erected without the benefit of planning permission or building warrant. “We are currently investigating this unauthorised development.”