Pupils are the ice cream of the crop

Three winning Eyemouth pupils get to sample their ice cream designs
Three winning Eyemouth pupils get to sample their ice cream designs

The staff at Giacopazzis better watch their backs as there’s some young ice cream connoisseurs in Eyemouth that have got the competition licked.

The award-winning harbour side ice cream parlour and restaurant launched a competition with Eyemouth Primary school for pupils to invent their own ice cream to be made up by Giacopazzi’s ice cream aficionado Somers Giacopazzi.

Somers gave the children food for thought by giving them a range of flavours and toppings to consider when coming up with their own ice creams.

Over 30 youngsters from the primary school got their thinking caps on and the results of the competition were revealed at the school’s summer fair last week.

But the best moment for the top three entries was having their ice creams made up by Somers in front of them on Wednesday when he also presented them with their rosettes.

First place went to the very creative Justin Cameron who combined white chocolate, banana, chocolate, strawberry, nuts, and strawberry sauce to make his creation which he also gave a name to- Strawbanut.

“I love strawberries and I love ice cream,” he enthused.

“I thought my friend Max had won so when they read my name out I was really pleased.”

Justin’s Strawbanut also got the seal of approval from his mum who sneaked a little taste.

Second place was awarded to Evelina Vigelis who put strawberry, banana, chocolate chips and fudge pieces.

She said she liked her ice cream because it was “nice and yummy” with her mum adding that Evelina was a big ice cream fan.

Stuart Haddow was awarded the third place rosette for an ice cream inspired by the World Cup.

He used chocolate fudge brownie and vanilla as the dark brown was closed to the black hexagon of a football and added in fudge and chocolate chips for the finishing touch.

After Somers had made up their final recipes for them to taste, he gave his verdict on their ice creams.

“They had some really good ideas with some really good combinations of flavours.

“What they came up with was brilliant particularly for their age.”