Public warned over bogus workmen

Police Scotland
Police Scotland

Borders Police are urging the public to remain vigilant for bogus workmen over the summer months.

Police Scotland are working with Trading Standards Officers on a major national campaign to help beat doorstep crime, which is more prevalent in summer.

It consists of two main types of offences, bogus callers and rogue traders, both of which can have a devastating effect on victims.

To assist with this, Police Scotland has launched the ‘Nominated Neighbour Scheme’, which aims to foster local support for those who choose to not answer their door to cold-callers. Further information on this scheme can be found on the Police Scotland website or by calling your local Community Policing team on 101.

Chief Inspector Kenny Simpson said: “Doorstep crime can affect anyone within our communities, but we are aware that in particular the over 60’s can be targeted due to a perceived vulnerability.

“Those who commit such crimes, like bogus callers and rogue traders, are extremely convincing in how they approach and interact with potential victims.

“Anyone can be convinced by the lies that these criminals create.”