Public urged to help survey region’s raptors

Female Kestrel
Female Kestrel

People across the Borders are being urged to help record the numbers of birds of prey in the region this summer.

The Wildlife Information Centre is launching their latest public survey and hope to get everyone recording raptors like buzzards, kestrels and red kites. Everyone is invited to submit sightings of these raptors to contribute to this important survey.

While buzzard numbers have rocketed in the last few years, kestrel numbers are down 57 per cent in Scotland since the mid-nineties.

Natalie Harmsworth, Records Ecologist for The Wildlife Information Centre, says: “The Wildlife Information Centre holds a comprehensive database of species and habitats found in the Scottish Borders.

“However, we feel that a survey of buzzards, kestrel and red kites is needed to gather information on the distribution of these birds, and to raise awareness of their importance. By launching a survey of raptors and inviting everyone to send in details of all their buzzard, kestrel or red kite sightings, we hope to develop a clear picture of the status of the birds of prey in this region. With this, we will be able to develop a baseline to monitor what is happening to our raptor populations in the future.”

To participate in the survey, you can send in the details of any buzzards, kestrels or red kites you see to The Wildlife Information Centre.

You can do this by returning one of their survey postcards or by going onto the ‘Record a Raptor’ survey page of their website at

There you can submit details, including the date, location, how many you saw, and if it was dead or alive.