Pub team took on the Eggheads and won

Oblo quiz regulars 'Quizzical' take on (and beat) the Eggheads
Oblo quiz regulars 'Quizzical' take on (and beat) the Eggheads

A Berwickshire quiz team have proved their trivia mettle by taking home the £25,000 from the BBC’s Eggheads programme.

The team, named Quizzical, from Dunbar, St Abbs and Eyemouth, are a fixture at Eyemouth’s Oblo Bar for its quiz.

And when they returned this week they were welcomed with a round of applause, their triumph having been televised during the week.

The team consists of Alice Snowden, Mike Snowden, Jonathan Cameron, John Anderson and Peter Nesbit. Watching on as a substitute was Morag Haddow.

The team managed to hold off the famous television experts, surviving questions on such diverse topics as Harold Lloyd’s silent films, famous warhorses and Kim Kardashian.

“We met up for the Oblo quiz,” Peter Nesbit explained, “and we did quite well there, it’s a good quiz put on by Chris Lace. After a bit of umming and ahhing we thought we would have a go on Eggheads.”

And of course, the preparation for the BBC show was a bit more strenuous than just turning up at the pub.

“It was a great day up in Glasgow for the filming,” Peter went on, “and of course it was very different with all the lights and cameras everywhere.

“Going into makeup before heading into the studio was quite odd as well - everybody seemed to be done in two minutes except for myself and Morag!

“Then there was all the looking round the set, and picking out clothes that we were allowed to wear. You’re allowed anything but blue, because of the set colour, and I realised that so much of what I owned was in fact blue, that we had to go shopping beforehand!

“After that Jeremy vine the presenter came in, said hello and we got on with it. They film a few teams in a day, so we were in at nine and out by two in the afternoon.”

The team shared the prize money, which meant that for Peter and Morag, who celebrated the birth of their child in April this year, they were able to put the cash towards their wedding, in November last year.

“That was fantastic,” said Peter. “And I think that the most difficult part of the whole thing was keeping it under wraps, because of course, you shoot in November and you’re told not to let anyone know until it airs. But at last we got together in the pub to watch it with everyone.”