Problem with feral cats in Duns continues

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BORDERS Animal Welfare Association (BAWA) have, for a number of years now, been attempting to help solve the problem of feral cats in the area surrounding Duns industrial estate.

During this period a large number of adult cats have been trapped and neutered at a cost to the charity of approximately £60 per cat. Nnumerous kittens have also been trapped and rehomed after having to be fostered and socialised by the association’s few, and already over stretched, volunteers.

This is an ongoing programme but now, due to economic restraints and a lack of volunteers, it is proving difficult for BAWA to maintain this successful progress.

Unfortunately, numerous corpses have reportedly been found with the cause of deaths unknown.

It would be of enormous help to BAWA, as a chairity and avoiding uneccessary expense, if anyone finding dead cats in this area contacted the association on 01896 849090 or Pat Jones omnm 01361 883289, so a post mortem can be carried out to determnine the cause of death.

BAWA will continue to meet all vet bills in Duns during this programme but, in the meantime, any help towards these expenses would be very much appreciated.

Any donations should be sent to the Borders Animal Welfare Association, Craigsford, Earlston, TD4 6DJ (registered charity SC001583).