Privatisation of Royal Mail may effect services

Paul Wheelhouse MSP.
Paul Wheelhouse MSP.

SNP MSP for the South of Scotland, Paul Wheelhouse, is concerned at the implications the privatisation of Royal Mail could have on services to rural communities.

Mr Wheelhouse said: “This is a deeply flawed Westminster decision, which threatens to have particularly harmful consequences for the Borders where so many of our rural communities and so much of our rural economy relies on our existing Royal Mail service.

“We have seen under Labour and now the Tories a continued erosion of the frequency of deliveries, lack of investment and increasing pressure on our postal workers and this latest move potentially drives a dagger through the heart of a service that was once the envy of the world, for a quick buck.

“The UK Government is refusing to heed the real and very genuine concerns that privatisation will mean a reduction in rural services as companies cherry-pick and compete for business in the larger urban areas, where deliveries have a lower cost. I have yet to meet a single constituent who thinks the privatisation is a good idea or will do anything other than undermine a much loved service. Certainly Borders voters did not think for a million years when they voted for Michael Moore in 2010 that he would ignore the needs of his constituents in this way.

“We all know that 79% of Scotland’s MPs at Westminster voted against privatisation, yet they are powerless in the face of being overruled by their Tory and Lib Dem counterparts representing the rest of the UK – another example of why only a Yes vote next year will ensure fairer representation for people in the Borders.”