Prepare for the Big Farmland Bird Count

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The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT) is giving farmers an opportunity of learning how to identify the everyday birds that live on their farms by attending a farmland bird ID day on January 27, at Whitburgh Farms, Pathhead.

The aim of the training is to help farmers participate in the GWCT’s 2015 Big Farmland Bird Count which will take place between February 7-15.

As places are limited, it is important that people book in advance online at A free bird identification guide will be available on the ID day as well as being available on the GWCT website. Illustrations for the guide have been kindly provided by the RSPB.

The GWCT believes that the efforts being made by farmers to reverse bird declines frequently go unrecognised despite them being vital in safeguarding the future of many of our most cherished bird species such as skylark, yellowhammer, corn buntings and wild grey partridges.

Jim Egan from the GWCT explains, “Our Big Farmland Bird Count helps to remedy this as it showcases some of the remarkable conservation efforts being carried out by farmers, landowners and gamekeepers such as providing supplementary over-winter food or by growing wild bird seed mixes.

“It is also a useful way to measure how birds are faring on our farms across the country.”

For more information about the Big Farmland Bird Count, please contact Morag Walker on 01425 651000 or by email at