Praise for Westruther Floral Gateway team

Judges Maureen Chalmers, Doug Smith, Jim Todd, Eileen Scott, and Chrissie Hall, with SWI President Kate Hankey.
Judges Maureen Chalmers, Doug Smith, Jim Todd, Eileen Scott, and Chrissie Hall, with SWI President Kate Hankey.

A sunny day encouraged entrants to Westruther’s annual Flower Show as the hall filled up with vegetables, flowers, baking and crafts, ready for the judges’ expertise, whilst the young people’s sports were run by Mark Conington.

SWI president, Kate Hankey, welcomed local resident, Philip Jones, to open the show, and Philip first took the opportunity to praise the Westruther Floral Gateway team for their efforts in turning the village into one of the prettiest in Berwickshire.

Philip used his speech to give a brief update on efforts to improve the local broadband connection, by himself and others, and to offer a service in the charitable recycling of old computers.

He continued by mentioning the recent sad loss of former local resident Peter Fullerton, a regular supporter of village events, who will be much missed.

Philip praised the sterling efforts of Westruther SWI ladies who run this show every year, and then declared the show officially open, and time for the presentation of prizes.

Judging had been carried out by vegetable and flower experts, Doug Smith and Jim Todd, of Greenlaw; and baking, handicrafts and children’s work by Greenlaw SWI ladies Chrissie Hall, Eileen Scott and Maureen Chalmers. The judges are pictured above with SWI president Kate Hankey.

Doug and Jim were impressed by the vegetable entries, and the ladies enjoyed the variety of baking and handicrafts, especially Westruther school children’s excellent display.

Trophy winners were as follows: Naismith Cup (vegetables) – Norrie Donaldson; Special prize for Vegetable Class – George Cockburn (leeks); Elliot Cup and Community Cup (flowers) – Grace Donaldson; Special prize for flowers – Angela Sibbald (cut garden flowers); Floral Art Cup – Kate Hankey; Floral Art Shield for runner-up – Clova Reid; Joanna Wilson Cup (junior section) – Rosie Montgomery; Special prize for juniors – Harris Mitchell (vegetable animal); Forrest Cup (teenage section) – Lucy Hamilton; Teenage special prize – Lydia Wilson; Redpath Cup (jams and jellies) – Mary Wilson; Special – Mary Wilson (lemon curd); Mae Young Cup (miscellaneous) – Clova Reid; Special – Kate Hankey (sloe gin); President’s Cup (baking) – Mary Wilson; Special – Anne Walker (carrot cake); Handicrafts Cup – Clova Reid; Special - Marian McCool (ceramic bowl); Westruther SWI Members’ Cup (most points in show) – Kate Hankey; Tapestry (runner-up) – Clova Reid; Westruther Perpetual Cup (most points in year’s competitions) – Jean Birkett; Bessie Green Memorial Salver (best exhibit in show) – Angela Sibbald (vase of mixed cut garden flowers); Westruther Jubilee Cup (sports) – Harris Mitchell for winning the road race.