Potato packers’ solar energy

Greenvale AP are hoping to add 865 solar panels to the roof of their potato packing sheds at Craigswalls, between Chirnside and Duns.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 27th September 2013, 10:46 am
Greenvale lorry
Greenvale lorry

There are already 210 panels on the southern slope of the roof and this week Greenvale put in a planning application to Scottish Borders Council to increase these by 622, plus another 243 on the western roof slope, bringing the total to 1075 panels.

It is estimated that the photovoltaic panels on the building would generate 205,400kWhs of electricity a year (equivalent to running 58 average three bedroom households for a year) and all the energy generated will be used on-site by Greenvale AP.

In their application they say that as well as lowering their energy bills this change would also “improve the profitability of the business helping to secure the existing jobs”, adding that it will “reduce the pressure on the local utilities, reduce the local demand for fossil fuel derived energy, as well as have the potential to inspire others in the vicinity to adopt greener business practices and to invest in similar installations”.

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The application goes on to say: “The proposed development will not be visible at ground level and the design of the proposed roof plant reflects the commercial character of the existing building and will not appear incongruous within its setting.

“The proposed development is of a scale appropriate to the locality respecting the established ridge height and commercial character of the existing warehouse and packaging building on which they will be mounted.”