Postal votes that didn’t count

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Voters who made a mistake on their postal voting slips in the recent European Parliament elections should have been contacted by now by the electoral registration officer.

Over 430,000 postal votes were returned and it is estimated that 13,000 people will have been contacted about issues with their voting slips.

The four main reasons for a postal vote being rejected are: the signature on the voting statement doesn’t match the original form; a signature is missing; the date of birth does not match the original form; or the date of birth hasn’t been filled in on the voting form.

Those who made mistakes are being issued with new postal vote application forms to return within six weeks to ensure they are on the electoral role for September’s Scottish Independence Referendum.

Mary Pitcaithly, chief counting officer for the Scottish Independence Referendum commented: “The absent voter verification process is designed to prevent fraud and is a vital part of the process for all elections to ensure everyone can have confidence in the process and the result.

“The recent change to legislation means that we are now able to contact affected voters to let them know their postal vote was rejected, the reason why it was rejected and encourage people to re-submit a postal voting application to ensure their vote is counted in future elections.

“It’s a timely opportunity for voters to update their personal information ahead of the Scottish Independence Referendum and a reminder to people to take care when completing their postal voting statement.”