Port trustee vacancies at Eyemouth

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Eyemouth harbour is managed by a board of trustees, and there are currently three vacancies on the board that need to be filled.

The trust, established in 1797, is responsible for the care of the harbour, and creating an important socio-economic legacy for east Berwickshire.

“As a trust port, while we operate on broadly commercial lines, competing with private and local authority ports as well as other trust ports, we are essentially a not-for-profit organisation, meaning that all revenue is ploughed back in to the harbour’s facilities and services,” said a spokesperson for the trust.

“The full board is required to have wide and relevant experience, and candidates will therefore be expected to have skills and experience in commercial or marine management, harbour operations, administration or local community interests.

“The ability to work well within a committee, to grasp and deal with complex issues and to express your own views clearly will be necessary.

“Residence within a reasonable distance of the harbour and familiarity with local issues will be desirable.”

Trustees are not remunerated and would be required to attend monthly meetings and otherwise devote up to two days per month to the work of the trust, with appointments usually for a term of three years.

Duties are similar to those of a company director and will include responsibility for the proper exercise of the statutory functions of the board.

For an application form with further details, please contact: business manager, Mrs Christine Bell, Eyemouth Harbour Trust, Gunsgreen Basin, Eyemouth, TD14 5SD,

Tel: 018907 52494; E-mail: businessmanager@eyemouth-harbour.co.uk