‘Yes’ campaign steps up a gear in Berwickshire

Calum Kerr, John Redpath and Stan Blakely launch the Yes Berwickshire, Scottish independence campaign
Calum Kerr, John Redpath and Stan Blakely launch the Yes Berwickshire, Scottish independence campaign
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‘Yes Berwickshire’ is the latest community based, grassroots campaign group taking the case for Scottish independence to the people.

Over the coming months the dedicated 40 strong team will be knocking on doors, delivering leaflets, holding meetings and taking part in hustings across Berwickshire, looking for your support in the Scottish independence referendum being held in September 2014.

‘Yes Berwickshire’ is part of the wider ‘Yes Scotland’ campaign and is led by chairman Alex Wilson from Duns.

Last week saw the official launch of ‘Yes Berwickshire’ at a meeting held in Berwickshire High School, Duns, and afterwards Alex said: “About 95 per cent of everyone involved is exactly the same as myself - we are not politicians, we are just ordinary people who share a common vision of Scottish independence.

“We see the big picture and want to make people understand that a yes vote next year isn’t a vote for Alex Salmond and the SNP. There are people from the Greens, Labour, other groups involved and believe there is a case for a stronger right wing voice in Scotland.”

Although ‘Yes Berwickshire’ is an autonomous, 40 member strong group, it is connected to the ‘Yes Scotland’ group which has small satellite groups across the country. Being community based is seen as their biggest strength, ‘Yes Berwickshire’ saying that politicians are seen by people as being too distant, self interested and prepared to tell people what they think they want to hear.

“We like to flag up that we are community based,” added Alex. “The No campaign has nothing like our reach.

“Once people know the facts and we can get through the dis-information we find they are very receptive and that’s what it’s about.

“I want to encourage as many people to vote as possible and to make an informed decision.”

A number of ‘Yes’ campaigners like Alex have already hit the trail already, but have not always had a positive reaction from members of the public. However, he doesn’t want to see the lead-up to the referendum become a war.

“I’m very conscious that we all have to wake up the morning after the referendum and live in the same country and be friends.” he said.

Yes Berwickshire will be meeting again in November and plan to make contact with local trade unions prior to putting together a concerted plan of action.