SB Alert adds gas to its list of emergency info

Weather alerts, school closures, police messages and now warnings of potential gas emergencies are all sent out to residents via Scottish Borders Alert.

The neighbourhood alert system, run by Scottish Borders Council, sends out messages to residents via email, telephone or text message from a range of approved information providers including itself, Police Scotland, the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, NHS Borders and now SGN too.

SGN, previously known as Scotia Gas Networks, responds to gas emergencies.

In a message sent out this week by alert, Borders residents were told: “SGN manages the network which distributes gas to over five million homes and businesses across Scotland and the South of England, including where you live.

“It provides the national gas emergency response service to its pipe network and sometimes has to respond quickly when safety is at stake, which may mean performing street works at very short notice.

“Its primary objective is to help keep you and the local community safe. Therefore, it follows that the messages SGN will be sending out on alert will be advisory and extremely useful to users.”

What SGN will not be sending out via the service, though, is advertising messages.

“SGN doesn’t maintain your meter or send bills for the gas you use in your property. When repairs are needed or pipes need to be upgraded, SGN digs up the roads or footpaths,” it says.

“SGN has joined the alert system to provide real-time information to you in emergencies.

“These messages could be about evacuations, roadworks, service interruptions and advice after floods.”

The message on the alert adds: “As the service SGN offers and the messages it may send are entirely related to public safety, we feel that its service is well within the expectations you may have from the neighbourhood alert.”