MP describes Brexit ruling as a wake up call

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Borders MP Calum Kerr described the High Court ruling that Parliament must vote on whether the UK can start the process of leaving the EU as a wake up call.

Speaking soon after the High Court decision that Parliament should approve triggering Article 50 and the start of formal negotiations between the UK and the rest of the European Union Kerr said: “Ever since it was formed, this government has consistently shown a reluctance to seek consensus, or provide detail, when it comes to the immediate task of mapping out our new relationship with Europe.”

“Of course in Scotland, where all 32 local authority areas voted to remain, there is an added democratic imperative to leverage a result that mitigates the impact of Brexit, through whatever means possible.”

“Rather than meekly voting through Article 50, it is the first duty of all Scottish MPs to reflect the views and interests of Scotland.

“As a starting point, we should seek a level of engagement from the UK Government that is worthy of equal partners in a union of nations at a critical moment. A dubious “hotline” to one minister is wholly inadequate.”

“The decision to appeal is in my view regrettable. The government should instead view the High Court’s ruling as an opportunity to seek common ground and adopt an “all islands” strategy in order to seek a coherent path out of this constitutional crisis.”

“UK Governments have become increasingly averse to proper parliamentary scrutiny and frequently use a whole range of measures, such as statutory instruments and secondary legislation, to avoid it.“

“This verdict should act as a wake-up call about the way that power works in Britain, and the proper role of Parliament in democratic decision making.”