Lib Dems make ‘jobs and fairer taxes’ election promise

Michael Moore
Michael Moore

Borders MP Michael Moore has welcomed the launch of the Lib Dems’ General Election Manifesto which he said will deliver jobs and fairer taxes for Borderers.

The six priorities in the Lib Dem’s 2015 manifesto are: prosperity for all; fair taxes; quality health care for all; opportunity for every child; our environment protected; a stronger Scotland.

Mr Moore said: “The Liberal Democrat commitments in our 2015 manifesto are only possible because of our strategy to deliver a balanced budget; borrowing less than Labour and the SNP, and cutting less than the Conservatives.It is because we have delivered in this Government that we can offer a credible and deliverable programme for the next Government.

“I welcome the priorities in the manifesto which build on the work we have begun in Government to strengthen the economy, make the tax system fairer and give opportunities to everyone.

“In Government, we have delivered 75% of our previous General Election manifesto which included more powers for Scotland and tax cuts for working people. As Scottish Secretary I was proud to deliver these powers through the 2012 Scotland Act and then to sit on the Smith Commission which outlined a plan for further devolution back in November. On tax cuts, thousands of Borderers are now saving hundreds of pounds on their tax bill every year as a result of the Lib Dem policy to raise the tax-free part of people’s incomes.

“Our 2015 manifesto commits us to going further by delivering real home rule for Scotland, building a stronger economy by supporting businesses and more tax cuts for working people.”