Keeping the UK ‘Family of Nations’ intact

The economic, political and social reasons for Scotland remaining in the United Kingdom were highlighted by Borders MP Michael Moore when he spoke in Parliament last week.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 13th February 2014, 3:56 am
Michael Moore at the dispatch box, House of Commons
Michael Moore at the dispatch box, House of Commons

During a debate on Scotland’s place in the United Kingdom, Mr Moore spoke of the importance of Scotland remaining as part of the UK “Family of Nations”.

He highlighted how rewarding his time as Secretary of State for Scotland had been and discussed the economic opportunities the UK single market provides for Scotland, the security that comes from having a seat at the top table at NATO, and the ability for Scotland to punch above its weight internationally due to the UK Foreign Office network around the world.

Mr Moore said: “As the Referendum date quickly approaches, I was glad to have the chance to speak in this important debate.

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“It was a huge privilege to serve as Secretary of State for Scotland and make the case for Scotland to stay part of the United Kingdom. Delivering more powers for the Scottish Parliament through the Scotland Act and negotiating the Edinburgh Agreement to secure a legal, fair and decisive referendum were two particular highlights.

“Throughout my time in government I drew great support from people across the Borders. I am hugely grateful for that support and I was proud to bring attention to the region in the work that I did nationally.

“We have a big choice coming up in September – whether to go it alone or remain as part of the most successful family of nations the world has ever known. Like many people across the Borders, I am proud to be Scottish, proud to be British, and I hope together we can keep this family of nations together”.