Help balance SBC’s budget

david parker borders council
david parker borders council

If you have any ideas on how Scottish Borders Council could save money and still deliver quality services councillors would like to hear them.

The council is facing a potential funding gap of £29 million over the next five years if they were to continue running services as they do now, and as they prepare the 2017-18 budget they are looking for savings that could be made.

Council leader David Parker said: “We have been asking for views from members of the public since the beginning of September and to date we’ve only had a small number of ideas put forward.

“Everyone knows that one of our key challenges is the fact that we are living in a difficult economic climate at a time when more demands are being placed on council services than ever before. We are therefore faced with taking difficult decisions in aligning our spending priorities with available resources.

“That’s where we need the help of the Borders public. We want to make sure our residents are aware that we look at and consider every single suggestion. We can’t do everything, but we are committed to considering everyone’s ideas.”

Write to the Budget Team, Scottish Borders Council, Newtown St Boswells, TD6 0SA; email; #bordersbudget on Twitter; or online at and