EU election results in the Borders

European Parliamentary Election count in the Scottish Borders
European Parliamentary Election count in the Scottish Borders

Almost 40,000 voters in the Borders went to the polls to cast their vote in the EU elections last week.

The Scottish Borders is part of the electoral region of Scotland which sends six MEPs to represent them in the EU. At a national level Scotland will be represented by four political parties: three SNP, one Liberal Democrat, one Conservative and one Brexit Party.

The total number of votes cast in the Scottish Borders voting area was 38,040. The electorate was 88,377 and the turnout therefore 43%.

Votes polled for each party/candidate was as follows: Change UK – The Independent Group – 730; Conservative and Unionist Party – 7,152; Labour Party – 1,059; Liberal Democrats – 6,900; Scottish Green Party – 2,997; Scottish National Party (SNP) – 10,761; The Brexit Party – 7,188; UK Independence Party – 671; Gordon Edgar – 370; Ken Parke - 38.

The number of ballot papers rejected and not counted was 174: 34 voting for more than one registered party/individual candidate; 140 not marked or void for uncertainty.

The count took place at the Volunteer Hall, Galashiels.

Rob Dickson, acting local returning officer said: “I’d like to thank all the election staff who made sure that both the poll on Thursday and the count ran smoothly.”