Political poster free lamp posts

the region’s lamp posts will no longer be used for politicians’ posters and advertising materials after a majority of councillors at Scottish Borders Council’s meeting last week agreed to prohibit what has become common practice in recent years.

Conservative councillor Tom Weatherston put forward the motion that: “Scottish Borders Council agrees to prohibit the attachment of posters or other advertising materials to lamp posts by political parties or other organisations at times of elections or at any other times. Council agrees that this policy should be implemented with immediate effect.”

Councillors voted 14-7 in favour of the ban despite suggestions from some politicial quarters that the Conservatives hoped to gain from it in the forthcoming Scottish Parliament elections as their candidate, John Lamont, is so well known anyway.

Councillor Weatherston proposed the political poster ban after complaints from members of the public about a banner draped across a fence on private property which publicised a commercial event in Kelso. When he spoke to the organiser he said he was given “short shrift” and told he was being hypocritical as the council allowed their own property to be used for promotional purposes.

This led him to decide to lead by example and propose the poster ban.

Presumably the ban will not affect the council’s own posters tied to lamp posts across the region aimed at reminding dog owners to clean up after their pets.