Polish school learns lesson from Berwick

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A Polish Saturday School director in Berwick who helped set up a similar school in the Borders has celebrated the Hawick school’s first end-of-school ‘Akademia’.

Berwick’s Dr Beata Kholbek helped Mrs Katarzyna (Kasia) Gajewska set up the Hawick Saturday School in April.

She explained: “The project gives Polish children the opportunity to keep up their education in their first language. There are lessons in Polish literacy, history and geography and plans are in place to prepare the youngsters for GCSE exams in Polish in co-operation with local high schools.”

Dr Kohlbek added “Helping Kasia to set up a Saturday School in Hawick seemed like a natural step for us. We have learned a lot at the Berwick school and were delighted to share this experience 
with the Polish community in the Borders.

“It is very rewarding to see over 40 Polish children visit both Saturday schools every week, learning about their country of origin and being proud and happy to be Polish.”

Mrs Gajewska said: “When I went to visit the open day at the Berwick Saturday School in April 2012, I did not know that a year later I would be looking after a similar project in Hawick. The Berwick school was very welcoming and there was a lot of energy and enthusiasm amongst the staff and the children.”

The Berwick school now also offers English as additional language lessons to 
all migrant children in