Police warn youngsters after Eyemouth lifebelt tampered with

A MEMBER of the newly formed Eyemouth Beach Trust has expressed their disappointment after a group of youngsters threw one of the town’s lifebelts into the water, less than a week after it being put in place.

Lothian and Borders police have warned three youths, with their parents present, after one of the new lifebelts was thrown into the sea in the early hours of Wednesday morning, August 8.

Luckily the lifebelt was recovered by two carers working their shift.

Milqueya Marshall a member of Eyemouth Beach Trust said: “These youths actions were irresponsible and thoughtless, especially in light of the recent beach accident.”

Lothian and Borders Police will take such incidents seriously and those responsible will be caught as the

area is covered by CCTV cameras. The next time there may be more serious action taken.

Anyone seeing anyone interfering with safety equipment on the beach or harbour in Eyemouth should ring the police

local number (018907)50217.