Police vow to ensure torchlight trouble
is not repeated

Inspector John Scott
Inspector John Scott

Police have given an assurance that officers will be on duty in Coldstream for next year’s torchlight and firework event.

Coldstream Community Council received complaints from residents in the Market Square area about a group of between 30 and 40 teenagers there from 11.30pm until 5am the following day.

One 80-year-old resident was disturbed at around 1.45am by one of the teenagers ringing her doorbell and asking her to phone the police as the fighting was getting out of control.

Inspector John Scott, of Police Scotland, said: “There were a number of calls regarding a group of youths in Coldstream who appear to have been stranded in the town.

“There were officers dealing with the incidents and although there was a number of calls, they did not request or ask for additional officers to assist as they appeared to have had the situation under control.

“It is unusual for such a group to have attended and not made plans on how they were going to get home.

“I will ensure we have officers dedicated to working in Coldstream on torchlight night in 2017.”