Police take part in motorcycle awareness campaign

Lothian and Borders Police participated in an awareness campaign to improve road safety and awareness for motorcyclists over the weekend.

The initiative was part of the ACPOS strategy for reducing road casualties which ran from Friday (March 9) until Sunday (March 11).

During the three-day event, Road Policing Officers engaged with motorcyclists and other road users to offer advice and guidance on bike maintenance, road safety and motorcycle awareness.

As part of the awareness drive, motorists, bus drivers and heavy goods vehicle drivers were also reminded of their responsibilities for road safety and to ensuring the roads remain safe for all who use them.

Commenting on the campaign, Lothian and Borders Road Policing Inspector John Beresford said: “The winter weather now seems to be improving a little and many motorcycle enthusiasts will be bringing their bikes out of storage, having not used them in a few months.

“This campaign is about educating riders on the importance of ensuring their bikes are in full working order and are entirely roadworthy before embarking on any journey.

“We also want those who ride motorcycles to be aware that if they have not ridden in a few months, their skills may not be as sharp as they were previously and that road surfaces may have changed.

“Equally important however, is making other road users aware that there will be many more motorcyclists on the road in the coming weeks and months.