Police take fight against organised crime to schools

Lothian and Borders Police are taking the fight against serious organised crime to secondary schools throughout the area.

A hard-hitting DVD is being launched outlining what serious organised crime is, how it can impact on teenagers and their local community, and how easy it is to make a bad decision and become involved in it.

All secondary school children in the force area from S2 and above will be shown the five-segment film ‘Slide’.

It depicts one youngster’s descent into a life of crime and drug addiction after he becomes involved with serious organised crime.

The DVD was commissioned after the Serious Organised Crime Taskforce published their “Letting Our Communities Flourish’ document - a campaign to reduce the impact of serious organised crime across Scotland.

In order to involve the community in this project, Lothian and Borders Police worked with Greenbanana Films, based in Dalkeith, to develop the DVD.

An additional training package has also been developed for adults who work with children in youth clubs and voluntary organisations.

The launch comes amid Lothian and Borders Police’s ongoing “Made From Crime’ campaign, designed to target those who have been drawn into a life of crime and are living lavish lifestyles on the illegal proceeds.

Chief Superintendent Malcolm Graham believes the DVD is an important reminder that the consequences of a life of crime will far outweigh any perceived benefits.

Chief Superintendent Graham said: “Organised crime group leaders like to avoid police attention by coercing others into doing their dirty work for them.

“Many young people may be seduced by the notion that crime brings with it perks such as designer clothes, fast cars and big houses but this DVD quickly dispels that myth.

“Campaigns like our ‘Made From Crime’ initiative and ‘Slide’ DVD reinforce this is not the case, and that Lothian and Borders Police will robustly target anyone believed to be involved in this type of criminality.

“The reality is that if you become involved in serious organised crime you face frequent and lengthy jail sentences and a very poor quality of life.

“Lothian and Borders Police are committed to tackling the crime groups that blight our community.

“We will continue to work closely with our partner agencies prevent crime groups accessing and influencing the young and more vulnerable members of our communities.”