Police Scotland needs to listen to local communities

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Dissatisfaction in many Berwickshire communities about the reduced connection they have with the police is to be taken directly to Police Scotland.

Councillor Donald Moffat, was charged with bringing the matter to the attention of Police Scotland by Berwickshire Area Forum last week.

Community council representatives from across the county repeatedly reported the same story - that local officers who used to regularly attend community council meetings and were keen to continue to do so were actively being discouraged. They also reported that community officers who in the past had changed their shifts and gone to community council meetings in their own time had been told they can no longer do so.

“The police just don’t attend any more since Police Scotland took over,” said Rhona Goldie from Coldingham. ”The reports we get are worse than useless.”

“ The local officers want to do it, but are being put under pressure,” added June McGregor from Paxton.

“If Police Scotland aren’t getting the message then there is something wrong,” said Mid Berwickshire Councillor John Greenwell.

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “Police Scotland is committed to local policing and we will continue to work with our communities to deliver a service that addresses local concerns and keeps people safe. We endeavour to attend as many community council meetings as we can, however, this is dependant on operational demands. The written report structure has recently been reviewed to incorporate the concerns raised by some communities.”