Police remind motorists about changes to BGH road junction

POLICE are reminding people visiting the Borders General Hospital about the new traffic regulations that were introduced there last month.

When leaving the BGH at the main entrance onto the Melrose by-pass motorists can no longer turn right, heading towards the A68. Instead all vehicles (with the exception of emergency vehicles) must turn left to the roundabout then come back down the by-pass route.

The changes were authorised by Transport Scotland in a bid to reduce the number of accidents that have been happening at the junction and £10,000 has been spent on re-aligning the junction.

The Traffic Order banning vehicles from turning right out of the hospital grounds came into force on December 12 last year and the regulatory signs advising motorists of the new layout have now been put up.

Any driver seen ignoring the new traffic system and continuing to turn right will face a £30 fixed penalty notice.