Police patrols at park stepped up

Part of the John Muir Country Park
Part of the John Muir Country Park

Police in East Lothian are growing increasingly concerned about the safety of local teenagers who have taken to gathering in large numbers in John Muir Country Park.

Constable Gavin Ross, of Dunbar Police Station, said: “We are aware that children and young adults have been gathering at John Muir Country Park.

“Police and East Lothian Council Community Wardens attended and conducted patrols on Saturday.

”After our initial patrol, we found around 70 youths who all engaged well, however around 11.30pm an assault was reported. On attending, officers found around 200 people present in the park.

“It was clear their demeanor had changed and along with the darkness, isolation and alcohol having been consumed, this shows how inappropriate this location is for organised youth parties.

”Large volumes of litter are being left behind, including signs of alcohol consumption, and we are aware of children as young as 12 attending.

“The location is extremely remote, there is no lighting and crucially there is no access for emergency services vehicles.

“We have carried out proactive work in local schools but I’d also urge parents to consider these risks, take responsibility and be aware of what your child is doing.”