Police join bikers

Some of the motorbikes loned up outside the Creebridge House Hotel while their owners enjoyed a spot of lunch
Some of the motorbikes loned up outside the Creebridge House Hotel while their owners enjoyed a spot of lunch

If you’re revving up to hit the road on your motorbike this weekend, you’ll be joining dozens of Road Policing officers from across the East of Scotland who are dedicating Saturday and Sunday to motorcycle safety.

Over this weekend, officers from Divisional and Trunk Roads Policing Units will be joining colleagues nationally in patrolling key motorcycle routes, to stop bikers and offer advice as well as enforcing any traffic offences committed by any road user.

Locally, officers will focus on the A1 around Cockburnspath, and stretches of the A68.

Safety Camera vehicles will also take part in the weekend’s activities, with routes covered across all four East policing divisions.

Local Area Commander for Road Policing in the East of Scotland, Chief Inspector Stephen Innes, said: “So far in 2015 there have been 18 motorcycle fatalities on Scotland’s roads. Six people on motorbikes have sadly lost their lives in the four Divisions that make up the East. Biking is a very popular pastime especially over the summer months, and we want everyone to enjoy our scenic routes safely, no matter what mode of transport you are using.

“We are taking the joint approach of education and enforcement and will be patrolling key roads which are popular with bikers. Whilst the vast majority of motorcyclists ride appropriately, a small number take unnecessary risks and cause a danger to themselves and others. But it only takes one small lapse in attention to find your speed has crept up or a bend is sharper than you initially thought, so we want all bikers, indeed all road users, to think about their riding and driving and be mindful of the road conditions and other vehicles.

“Road Policing officers in marked and unmarked vehicles will be joined by colleagues on our police motorbikes, to stop and speak to riders and give advice like easing off the throttle on left-hand bends and staying alert to the speed of the vehicle in front of you. We’ll also have Safety Camera vans in key locations to remind all road users to watch their speed and enforce the law where needed.”