Police issue warning about council tax telephone scam

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A warning has gone out about a bogus caller trying to persuade householders to pay supposedly missing council tax instalments over the phone.

Police have been contacted by a Kelso resident about a scam call from a man claiming to work for Scottish Borders Council.

The caller said that the resident had not paid her April instalment of council tax, and he said he wanted payment over the phone.

The resident refused, however, as she had already paid up at a post office.

Scottish Borders Council is warning people to beware, adding that it never calls people by phone to demand payment of unpaid council tax, so anyone doing so is clearly not working for it.

Police are reminding people to be wary of unsolicited phone calls and never to give personal details such as bank or credit card numbers.

Even if a caller claims to be from a council or a bank and seems plausible, police advise against giving out personal details to anyone unless you made the call and are certain of the identity of the person you are speaking to.

For advice on identity theft, fraud and scams, visit www.scotland.police.uk