Police issue fraud warning in Borders

Police in the Borders are issuing a warning against a potential fraud, following a report received from a member of the public.

An elderly woman in Innerleithen reported to police at the end of last month that she had received a phone call from an unknown person who informed her that she owed a significant sum of money to Argos. She was then asked for her credit and debit card details so she could pay.

Luckily, she refused to provide her card details, but police would like to warn people to be wary as there have been reports of similar calls in the area.

Chief Inspector Kenny Simpson said: “We would ask members of the public to be cautious if they receive a call of this nature. No legitimate company would ask for personal details or request card information over the phone.

“This type of fraud is opportunistic and thankfully this lady did not fall victim to this crime.”