Plans to reduce Borders councillor numbers by two

SBC Headquarters
SBC Headquarters

Local Government Boundary Commission for Scotland has started consultating Scottish councils about proposed changes to council area wards.

It is proposing reducing the number of councillors across Scotland from 1223 to 1217 and recommendations for Scottish Borders Council include reducing the number of councillors from 34 to 32.

If the Boundary Commssion plans are approved, wards in the Hawick area will be reorganised.

The size of the two Berwickshire wards, each represented by three councillors, is expected to be unchanged.

In 2014 the Commission consulted councils and the public on councillor numbers, which for the first time were determined using a methodology which took account of levels of deprivation as well as population and its distribution. Population size still remains the biggest determinant of councillor numbers and the design of wards.

Scottish Borders Council opposed the reduction of councillors to 32 saying that inclusion of the areas of deprivation formula was “driven by an urban agenda”.