Plans for 16 turbine Inchmoor wind farm are submitted

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Ecotricity, Britain’s first Green Electricity company has submitted a planning application to the Scottish government for its Inch Moor wind park project.

The planned 16 turbine wind farm is on land to the north of the B6456 at Kettelshiel Farm, west of Duns, 2km south west of Black Hill Wind Farm.

The 126.5 metres (415 ft) turbines are expected to produce almost 148 GWh of electricity per year, enough to meet the power needs of up to 29,834 households.

Ecotricity had previously submitted a scoping request to the Scottish government at the end of 2013 and after receiving the scoping opinion in March 2014, they reduced the number of turbines from 19 to 16.

“Based on our assessments, the site at Inch Moor is able to accommodate a sixteen turbine scheme – that’s enough to meet the annual energy needs of around 36,500 typical UK homes,” said a company spokesperson.

“Through a detailed design iteration process, which takes into account a wide range of constraints and environmental considerations, we were able to achieve a scheme that makes a significant contribution towards the Scottish Government’s targets, whilst minimising potential effects on the surrounding environment.”

The proposed turbines will be connected to a new onsite substation building via underground cabling.

As well as being 2km from Black Hill Wind Farm, within the wider landscape, existing and consented cumulative schemes include Fallago Rig, Aikengall and Crystal Rig, to the north-west and north.

Copies of the plan are available at: Duns Library; Scottish Borders Council HQ at Newtown St Boswells; Longfomracus Village Hall (contact the village hall to arrange viewing); Scottish Government Library, Victoria Quay, Edinburgh.