Pirates bare all for charity

Eyemouth Pirates naked calender
Eyemouth Pirates naked calender

Oo ARGH - The Eyemouth Ship Pirates are baring all in a cheeky calendar to raise money for Movember.

Along with hundreds of others across the UK, social football club The Pirates embarked on the Movember challenge last month, all sprouting moustaches to raise money for the charity which aims to raise vital funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men.

As November became December, thousands of men in the UK and around the world celebrated their gallantry and valour by shaving their ’tasches or throwing a Movember party.

In Eyemouth however, The Pirates celebrated a little differently, deciding to record the results of their efforts with a Movie-themed photoshoot which would be made into a calendar.

But, as you can see, it’s a calendar with a difference!

Pirate Stephan Speirs explained: “We did Movember and wanted to record it, so we thought let’s go for the naked calendar!

“One of the guys works for Fantasy Prints so we had them printed there. We did the photos ourselves with a digital camera then put it all together on the computer, a bit of cut and paste and all that jiggery pokery, and it was done!

“We were quite surprised with how well it has come out - we’re chuffed to bits,” Stephan said.

“I think we raised about £300 initially during November, and we would like to continue to raise awareness and funds for the charity - we’ve had 200 calendars printed so hopefully we can add to that.”

Most of The Pirates were up for flashing some flesh in the name of charity.

“More had done Movember, but the thought of exposing themselves for the camera was a step too far for some of them. But the ones that did it were really up for it,” Stephan said. “I don’t think anyone was too nervous, in fact some of the guys were quite surprised by how easy it was - by the time we got there and took everything off it was a bit of fun!”

The Pirates wanted to produce a glamourous product, and the idea ‘Movember at the Movies’ was born.

“We had thought about doing it around a pub theme at first, standing behind kegs and stuff like that, but we fancied something a bit more dramatic which is where the Movies theme came in,” Stephan explained.

“We went for Movember at the Movies and tried to pose in that fashion.

“The films we included are all really masculine films like Rambo, Rocky and Indiana Jones - it’s a bit cheesy but it’s good fun, everybody had a ball doing it, it was cracking.

“Nobody really knew how it was going to turn out at that stage but we’re really pleased with the end result. Though there have been a few people that have opened it up and decided not to show the kids!” he added.

The Pirates have a tradition of not taking themselves too seriously.

When they played at the Stanks in the Berwick Charities Cup in the summer they brought bag-pipers, and prompted a carnival atmosphere by handing out 50 inflatable bananas and blow-up parrots.

“We plan to be back this summer with our new black and green strip, to do it Mardi Gras style!” Stephan said.

“All the lads are cracking, they’re local lads that play for local football teams as well. And we’ve got lots of things planned for the new year...”

So watch this space.

The 2012 ‘Movember at the Movies’ calendar is now available, priced £5, from pubs and retailers in Eyemouth.

All funds will go to the Movember charity.