‘Pink Poo’ fundraiser at farm shop

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Knowes Farm Shop at East Linton near Dunbar is running a very special fundraising idea for the Breast Cancer Campaign.

With the help of a local horse owner, “Pink Poo” (horse manure in fabulous pink bags!) is being sold to help gardeners to nurture their plants in a way that is environmentally friendly as well as friendly to a charitable cause!

Caroline Gray, a friend, neighbour, and regular customer of Knowes, came up with the idea following her sister’s sad death and was keen to raise money to help others who are suffering from the disease. Three Knowes Farm staff have also had treatment for breast cancer recently.

The horse manure is collected by a small local grass management company called Equiserve and put into the pink bags, donated by ABN Mills, ready for sale.

“Pink Poo” is on sale at Knowes Farm Shop now for £4 per bag. All money goes to Breast Cancer Campaign.

Since October 2010, 200 bags have already raised over £800 but the supply of pink poo isn’t diminishing so fundraising is ongoing!