Phamie to release her sixth album

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AFTEr wowing audiences in the Big Apple and releasing five critically acclaimed albums, Westruther musician Phamie Gow has now just finished the recording of her latest collection of songs.

‘The Road of the Loving Heart’ was recorded in Montpellier in the south of France and takes its title from the pathway to the house in Samoa of Robert Louis Stevenson. The property was built by locals in gratitude of the support they received from the writer who made his home there having exiled from Scotland because of ill health.

‘The Road of the Loving Heart’ follows in the footsteps of Phamie’s fifth and most recent release ‘Moments of Time’ whose repertoire featured in Phamie’s concert in the world renowned Carnegie Hall, New York a few years ago.

And it’s not just famous venues that Phamie has made an impression on, well known composer Philip Glass has congratulated Phamie on her new album, telling her: “Your new recording is excellent! It is both spontaneous and well crafted - a winning combination - and full of melody and surprise. I wish you good luck and a great success!”

While in Montpellier Phamie’s latest video ‘Carousel’ was filmed in the centre of the city using the backdrop of a Venetian carousel and a transparent grand piano made by the famous piano maker Gary Pons.

Since using the piano which is reputed to be worth £172,000 it has been used by Prince and has caught the interest of one Lady Gaga, who made her own piano-related headlines after performing on one suspended high above the stage during the Royal Variety Performance in 2009.

It is clear that Phamie is full of excitement for her latest venture and thoroughly enjoyed her return to France.

She said: “It was great to be back in the beautiful city of Montpellier where I lived in 2008. The whole image of the carousel revolving like the world with people of all ages and colours inspired me to write the piece.

“I usually perform on a Steinway but the Gary Pons is extraordinary, the sound is fabulous, the form magic, it’s a real pleasure.”

After putting the finishing touches to ‘The Road of the Loving Heart’, Phamie travelled to Paraguay for a concert and followed this with a trip to China with her band for a range of concerts in venues filled by almost 20,000 people.

She will return to our shores in the spring to tour and promote her new album which will be released over here in March.