Personal finance lessons

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Borders schools are being urged to take part in My Money Week (June 3-9), giving pupils the chance to learn more about money and personal finance.

National charity pfeg (Personal Finance Education Group) and Barclays have joined forces once again to provide a free activity kit to schools - the aim being to improve young people’s financial skills, knowledge and confidence through special lessons, activities and debates in school.

Full of creative and engaging financial resources and ideas the activity packs help teachers deliver financial education to young people, from the age of four up to 19.

Young people in the Borders can also take part in the ‘A-Z of Money’, a national competition challenging them to learn more about money through creative writing.

Urging local schools to take part, Borders MP, Michael Moore, said: “My Money Week is a great opportunity for local schools to hold lessons, debates and special activities on money management and personal finance.

“Understanding how to budget and manage money are essential skills for young Borderers as they grow up, get jobs and begin to take responsibility for their own finances.”

Since the first My Money Week in 2009, more than three million young people have engaged in My Money Week activities, with 99 percent of teachers reporting an increase in skills and knowledge and 91 percent reporting a shift in students’ attitudes towards money.

Teachers in the Borders can pre-order their free My Money Week Activity Packs at